Getting Started with Rust!

Rust is a popular programming language which is similar to C++ and has a focus on safety and concurrency. If you want to give it a go the following steps will get you started with Rust on Linux or WSL:

  1. Open a terminal and enter curl -sSf | sh
  2. The install script will launch and you will be prompted to choose and installation type. Choose “1. Proceed with installation (default)”
  3. Once installed you will be prompted to restart to allow your environment variable to be updated automatically. If you do not wish to restart, add the environment variable manually using the following at the shell: source $HOME/.cargo/env
  4. Rust will need a linker and C compiler on your system. Most systems will come with a compiler and linker installed however if you do not have one install gcc: sudo apt install gcc
  5. Get programming!